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 [Anime] Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal II (84 => 88)

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Date d'inscription : 27/09/2011
Age : 29
Type de Deck : yu-gi-oh, manga, Jeux vidéos

MessageSujet: [Anime] Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal II (84 => 88)    Lun 24 Sep - 13:49

Episode 84
Rise Up! Yuma VS Shark, A Healing Duel

After his Duel with Mizael, Yuma is injured in both body and spirit, causing him to go to the hospital with Shark in order to recover. Severely depressed, Yuma shows none of his usual go-getter spirit, gradually irritating Ryouga, who finally tells him to pull himself back together. Meanwhile, Astral, injuried from the force of the "Barian's Sphere Cub", realizes the true menace of the Barians. Suddenly, someone steals the King's Key from Yuma's bed...!?

Episode 85
A Lightning Speed Counter Attack! The Determined Fighter, Alit

Having regained his courage from his Duel with Ryouga, Yuma goes to school with Shingetsu Rei as always. But, then suddenly, countless Barian brainwashed Duelists appear before them and attack...! While Yuma fights back desperately while trying to protect Shingetsu, Shingetsu ends up being brainwashed himself! In the middle of Yuma's greatest crisis, Alit appears and seems to help him, but for what reason...!?

Episode 86
Roar! Chaos Number: The Final Blow to Yuma

Yuma and Alit, these two enjoy dueling with all their heart and soul. Due to the Barian Sphere Cube, Astral begins to weaken, but reacting to Yuma's enthusiasm for Dueling, the two cross and become Zexal. Touched by Yuma and Astral transforming to get real serious, Alit transforms to his own original Barian form, and proudly counter attacks.

Episode 87
Gilag's Brutal Assault! Explode Forth, Bukotsu the Pressure Point-Striking Delinquent

Alit, who had finished his Duel with Yuma, was suddenly attacked by someone! A furious Gilag, thinking Shingetsu Rei is responsible, uses the last Barian Sphere Cube he has left to challeng Shingetsu to a Duel. However, Yuma, wanting to protect Shingetsu, who is his pal, ends up being the one to Duel Gilag. While Astral supports Yuma, who is trying to protect a friend, he finds his body is falling apart due to the power of the "Barian Sphere Cube"

Episode 88
The Pulse of V: A Super Rebirth, Hope Ray V!!

Gilag, with the power of the "Barian Sphere Cube", has destroyed Astral. Gilag challenges Yuma with Rei as his second opponent. However, with the effects of Gilag's "Pressure Point" Deck, Hope is damaged from the inside out, and destroyed. Gilag, incapable of controlling his rage and driven to take vengeance for Alit, summons his Chaos Xyz, and corners Yuma and Rei into the mother of all pinches. At that time, Rei, touched by Yuma's willingness to protect him no matter what the cost, awakens a miracle no one could of ever imagined possible!!!

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Sho Phoenix

Messages : 439
Date d'inscription : 10/10/2011
Age : 26
Pseudo DN : Sho Phoenix

MessageSujet: Re: [Anime] Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal II (84 => 88)    Ven 24 Jan - 9:39

J'ai envie de poster des dernières épisodes qui semblent épic :

Episode 139
February 2nd, 2014
切り拓け未来 アストラルの決断!! Kirihiraku Mirai Asutoraru no Keddan!! (Open The Path To The Future: Astral's Decision!!)
Finally, Don Thousand, God of the Barians, has revealed his true form, and after absorbing the power of the Seven Barian Emperors, he has obtained terrifying power... ...! And in order to obtain the Numeron Code, he plans to absorb the last of the Barian Emperors, Nasch! In a crsis that has engulfed the entire world, Yuma stands up against Don Thousand forming the strongest tag team with Nasch!!

Episode 140
February 9th, 2014
想いはひとつに!創造龍『ヌメロン・ドラゴン』 Omoi ha Hitotsu ni! Souzouryuu "Numeron Doragon" (Feelings As One! The Dragon of Creation "Numeron Dragon")
Don Thousand corners Yuma using the Field Spell Card "Numeron Network" which uses the power of the "Numeron Code" which rests sleeping on the Earth. Then Don Thousand Summons the terrifying monster "Mugenkyojin Numeronius" which has 10,000 ATK, which grasps the entire world in its hands! In order to escape from this horrifying dillema, Yuma and Astral become ZEXAL, frantically pulling all the stops offensively and defensively! And in the middle of this struggle, the true origin of the Numbers, which has been shrouded in mystery, is finally revealled...

Episode 141
February 16th, 2014
混沌終焉 必殺のファイナル・ホープ剣・スラッシュ!! Konoton Shuuen Hissatsu no Fainaru Hoopu Ken Surasshu!! (The End of Chaos: The Killing Blow, Final Hope Sword Slash!!)
Yuma and Nasch have been subjected to an intense battle. However, the Numbers Don Thousand left behind cannot be absorbed by Astral, and thus end up in Nasch's hands, covered in a evil aura....! Yuma and Nasch, who should of been united by their fierce battle together... are not. Yuma carries the burden of Earth and the Astral World on his back, while Nasch carries the weight of the Barian World on his. Nasch, using Don Thousand's power, summons the Over Hundred Numbers, one after another...!

Episode 142
February 23rd, 2014
最後の希望!! 我は「ビヨンド」  Saigo no Kibou!! Waga ha "Biyondo" (The Final Hope!! I am "Beyond")
Nasch, carrying the feelings of the Seven Emperors, Summons the Embodiment of their dreams and his ultimate Trump Card "Chaos Xyz: Barian the King of Wishes"! It possesses a cruel and unimaginably powerful effect! Nasch, who has complete control of its effects, stands before Yuma who tries to fight back, despite being overwhelmed... but it turns in a white-hot Duel beyond both of their imaginations!

Episode 143
March 2nd, 2014
孤高の決闘者『ナッシュ』 宿命のラストバトル!! Kokou no Dyuerisuto "Nasshu" Shukumei no Rasuto Batoru!! (The Aloof Duelist "Nasch": The Destined Final Battle!!)
Yuma and Ryouga's bodies are riddled with wounds. On their fields are "Black Ray Lancer" and "Hope the King of Wishes", who faced off against each other in one of their earliest Duels. The sight evokes sweet memories in both Dueists. Even though the Ryouga standing before him now is a Barian, Yuma believes they can still understand one another, but Ryouga, as the leader of the Seven Barian Emperors, and the inheritor of their will, launches a merciless attack on Yuma in order to get the Numeron Code! Even though they look different now, can Yuma reforge the bonds of friendship with Ryouga, the same Ryouga he could never truly beat....!?

Episode 144
March 9th, 2014
闘いの儀!! 遊馬VSアストラル Tatakai no Gi!! Yuuma VS Asutoraru (The Ceremonial Battle!! Yuma VS Astral)
When the fierce battle with Nasch comes to an end, the countless souls trapped in the Barian World rain down on the Earth! As a result, Yuma is able to meet back up with all his friends, who risked their lives to protect the future of their world! However, with all the Numbers now in Astral's hands, the Numeron Code finally appears, completely changing everything! In order to fulfill the mission entrusted to him, Astral challenges Yuma to one final Duel...!!

Episode 145
March 16th, 2014
『わが名はアストラル』 最強の決闘者!! Waga Na ha Asutoraru Saikyou no Dyuerisuto!! "My Name is Astral": The Ultimate Duelist!!
Astral, who now possesses all of the Numbers, summons 5 "Hopes", showing Yuma the true extent of his power, and not giving him an inch of mercy! Though Yuma is overwhelmed by their full fury, he doesn't flinch or falter, but rather enjoys the Duel with Astral, with his entire heart, body and soul. However, in this Duel between the two of them, lies a certain hidden, serious condition, signed by both Yuma and Astral...?

Episode 146
March 22nd, 2014
絆よ永遠に… かっとビングだぜ、オレたち!! Kizuna yo Eien ni... ... Kattobingu daze, Ore tachi!! (Together Forever... ... We'll Bring It To 'Em!!)
Even though he's been cornered into crises by the most evil and worst of enemies, Yuma has been able to seize victory with Astral by his side. Through many struggles, he's experienced many things and met and parted ways with many friends. Yuma, who has grown by leaps and bounds as a Duelist, clashes with his bestest bud, Astral, giving it everything he's got! On the other hand, Astral, shows his feelings towards Yuma through a certain strategy. At the end of this final Duel, the solid bonds of friendship these two exchange are...!?


Numbers Hunted : 71/108
Chaos Numbers Hunted : 24
Others Numbers Hunted : 3
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[Anime] Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal II (84 => 88)
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